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A Star Wars kind of Day.

Today's winner of the Star Wars set is Sandi Lennon, way to go Sandi.

Not only is it a beautiful day outside it is also a wonderful last Monday of our school week. Wednesday is our last day of school and we are having our Spring Concert ~ Ice Cream Social. This is the time to invite all your relatives to school, bring grandma and grandpa and anyone else who wants to come and see some cute and adorable preschoolers.

It is a normal start time for the preschool kids and their day will start just like every other day of preschool. At 10:30 am they will go down and join all the adults, they will sing some of their favorite songs and then they will receive their preschool Diploma. After that they will be dismissed to a table where you will be waiting for them.

Then the real fun begins and we will all go and get some yummy ice cream and as many sugary toppings as you can pile on.

But all that is for Wednesday, today we have another give away for you, today we are offering to you this fun Star Wars Lego. It is the Freeco Speeder and I know that my kids LOVE Lego's so make sure you get in on this give away.

To enter all you have to do is comment below in the ORANGE Comment box and tell us what your favorite preschool memory from this past year was. You must be able to pick up your prize at the preschool on Wednesday.

(All comments are moderated and must be approved before they show up so please do not worry if you commented, but it does not immediately appear)

Thank you and enjoy the Sunshine,

Tracy and Kim

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