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Everything you need to know you learned in Preschool!!

What you might not know is that everything we do at preschool we do for a reason, from our morning papers to free time.

Sunshine Preschool is open Monday's, Wednesday's and Friday's For just two and half short hours. Since that is all we do and all the time we have there is a ton to get done in those short hours.

Let me explain, there is a lot to learn when you are a preschooler, most of it is stuff you do every day and you have no idea how or where you learned it. Take for example this simple request.

"Ok everyone Line up"

Seems easy right? Not so fast, most preschoolers have never even stood in a line, they have no idea what it is, why it exists or what they should do when they get in that line.

Or how about this one.

"Please raise your hand if you have a question."

Why would they do that? How do you do that? And if I did do it how long do I leave my hand in the air before I just start talking?

And this one keeps us busy.

"Make sure to shut the door of the bathroom when you have to go."

Um why would they want to do that? Mommy always tells me to leave it open, and if they shut it they cannot see what is going on out in the classroom.

And those are just the social things and a very few of them that you learn in preschool.

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