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J is for Jaguar

Jungle week is so much fun and learning about Jaguar's make it even more exciting.

We love this activity for the fine motor skills and creativity it brings. You only need a few things to get started. You will need a cut out of a Jaguar, a Glue Stick, Fat Black Strips on Construction paper and Thinner Brown Strips of Construction paper.

Next we talk about Camouflage and why the Jaguar looks the way he does. While handing out the Fatter Black Strips explain how to "tear" them and glue them onto their Jaguar cutout.

After they have all their black "spots" in place hand your preschooler the thinner Brown Strips to make the smaller "spot" inside each Black Spot.

They are doing some amazing work on strengthening those finger muscles and fine motor skills in placing them where they each need to go. Not to mention learning to follow directions while still being able to make their Jaguar as creative as they want it to be.

This activity is a lot of fun and really makes Jungle week a roaring good time.

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