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Cheerios for Giraffes

What goes better with a Giraffe than Cheerios? This is such a cute activity for our Jungle Week when we saw it we just knew we had to do it.

What you need: Silhouette of a Giraffe, Glue (we used Elmer's type glue) and of course Cheerios. We need about 22 for each child. Oh and we also gave the one googly eye.

After handing out the glue, explain how much glue they will need. If you skip this step you will either have Cheerios swimming in Glue or ones that do not stick. We started with the one eye and talked about how you could only see one side of his head so he only got one eye.

After all that hand out the Cheerios and let them have fun. This is another great fine motor skill and as the extra benefit of being super cute too.

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