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Sharing Days




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Sunshine Preschool, Sharing

 Sharing Time in a school setting is designed to provide     children with the experience of being in front of a group and showing or telling something of interest.  We will encourage each child to participate at their level of readiness.  We will always be sensitive to shyness, speech difficulties, etc. 


Your child’s sharing day will be each week on the same day.


If you miss a sharing day due to, illness, field trip, holiday, etc, your child may share during the previous/next class session in that week.  

For example: We have a Field trip on a Friday, all Friday kids can bring in their sharing on the Wednesday before the field trip.  If we have a Holiday on a Monday, all Monday kids can bring in their sharing on Wednesday. If your child missed their sharing day due to an illness, please let the teachers know that they brought their sharing on the day they return to class. 


 Sharing may only be made up if your child was ABSENT on their sharing day. If your child forgot their sharing on their scheduled sharing day, they must wait for the next week and share on their scheduled day. 


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We especially ask your cooperation in the following areas:

   *Help your child remember to bring sharing on the correct day.  They sometimes get very upset if they forget their sharing.

   *Allow your child to bring only ONE item or set of related items.  PLEASE!

   *Encourage your child to bring something different each time that relates to the Letter or Number theme of the week.  Children usually like to bring toys.  Please help them be creative and encourage them to bring other items of interest occasionally.

   *Clearly label everything your child brings to class.  We  often have duplicates and even case of forgetting they brought an item to class.

   *All sharing items should be placed in their chosen cubbie for the day.

   *Please help remind your child that the item they brought is for sharing only.  We do not allow sharing to be played with during regular class time. 


Please note that under certain circumstances Sharing may be cancelled for everyone, ie holidays or school closures. Or for example if we only have school on one day during that school week. 

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